Giuliana Rancic net worth

Giuliana Rancic net worth

Net Worth: $7 million

About Giuliana Rancic

It has been stated that one of the most beautiful women in the entertainment industry Giuliana Rancic net worth has an estimate of 7 million dollars. Moreover, she gets around 1 million dollars for her annual salary, which makes her to be in the list of the highest paid women in Hollywood. To the public, Giuliana Rancic is known as a TV personality, who gets involved into hosting various TV shows and anchoring news, which are the main sources of Giuliana Rancic net worth.

Giuliana Rancic whose real name is Giuliana DePandi has origins in Italy, where she was also born. When she was seven years old, she moved together with her family to live in Washington, D.C., the United States. Initially, she enrolled into the University of Maryland and later she decided to continue her studies at American University, where she studied journalism. In 2002, Giuliana Rancic got an offer to work for the E! channel, where she hosted a TV show called “E! News”. The show was about celebrities and gossiping and it was broadcasted in the night time. However, it was the first job which started accumulating Giuliana Rancic net worth.

Now, she is still working on that show, but she became a co-host with Ryan Seacrest. Moreover, she was selected to host pre-show of various award ceremonies such as Golden Globe awards or Academy Awards. In 2007, Giuliana Rancic started working for a MTV channel and collaborated with the executive producer of the TV show called “Celebrity Rap Superstar”. The TV show featured a lot of famous stars including Perez Hilton, Sebastian Bach and Countess Vaughn. Talking about her family life, the star is married to the winner of the TV show “Apprentice” Bill Rancic.

They both appear on the TV reality show called “Giuliana and Bill”. In addition, Giuliana Rancic has appeared on the big screen, as well. She starred in the movies “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer” and “Bring it on: Fight to the Finish”. In both films, the actress appeared as herself. The films also added some extra money to the total amount of Giuliana Rancic net worth. Also, she collaborates with her husband on other projects, as well. Giuliana Rancic has founded a TV production company with Bill Rancic, which they called “You and I Productions”. Some of her salary part, Giuliana Rancic invests into real estate. Her house in Malibu is worth around 2.5 million dollars.

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