George Strait net worth

George Strait net worth

Net Worth: $300 million

About George Strait

One of the most popular country singers George Strait net worth has been estimated to reach 300 million dollars. In addition to being a singer, George Strait net worth also comes from record producing, which constitutes a huge part of his net worth. Born in 1952, the musician whose full name is George Harvey Strait is also involved into acting business.

George Strait is immensely recognized in the United States. He is even sometimes referred to as “The King of Country”. Moreover, he gets only positive criticism from professionals all the time. Critics also call him a living legend of country music. The singer is well known for his music style which is marked by fresh elements but you can still feel a traditional Country music wave. Furthermore, his songs feature country swing style and also honky-tonk features. George Strait songs are usually described as bar-room ballads and his singles are well sold which adds a lot of revenue to the overall amount of George Strait net worth.
George Strait also holds the record of having more number one singles than any other artists concerning not only country music but all other styles. He has recorded around 60 number one singles, which reached number 1 position in many charts. George Strait became known to the public with the release of his debut single in 1981 which was called “Unwound”. It sold millions of copies not only in the United States but also elsewhere in the world. Other popular singles of the country musician were called “Ocean Front Property” and “Fool Hearted Memory”.
In 1990s he was called the most influential singer of the decade who affected many new artists as well as the old ones and at the same time continued to work on his own career with releasing his other two singles entitled “Blue Clear Sky” and “Heartland”.
The year 2000 was very important to the singer because he received numerous recognitions. One of them was getting a title of the Artist of the Decade by the Academy of Country Music. Also, George Strait became a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame. In addition, he received his first Grammy award for his album called “Troubadour”. The album was a major success and it added millions of dollars to the total amount of George Strait net worth. As the years passed, his music style also changed with getting a new and modern vibe which was well accepted by the audience and the critics.

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