George Lucas net worth

George Lucas net worth

Net Worth: $115 million

About George Lucas

George Lucas net worth is reported to be a little more than 7 billion dollars. It becomes clearer why he owns such a huge amount of money when you take into consideration all the activities he is involved into. George Lucas is a director, producer, writer and businessman. He grew up in California and when he was in his young days,

he decided he wanted to be involved into activities related to racing cars. However, it lasted not too long because he almost got involved into a car accident, which changed his mind to get involved into such sport. When he attended a college, he got involved into photography and film producing, which are two activities which add most of his revenue to George Lucas net worth.

After his college years, he got enrolled into the University of Southern California, where he met his later-to-become colleague Steven Spielberg. During the studying years, George Lucas even participated in many post-graduate studies, such as Warner Brother’s student scholarship. Moreover, when George Lucas was studying he produced his first studying years movie called “Electronic Labyrinth: THX 1138 4EB”, which eventually became a full length film and also added money to the overall George Lucas net worth. However, the reception of the film was not that high and it led to a more successful version of it – “American Graffiti”.

It even got five Academy Award nominations and grossed 115 million dollars revenue in the United States only. However, the biggest and the most popular film for which the star is known worldwide is “Star Wars”. It was made in 6 parts and it got revenue of 5 billion dollars in the whole world. Overall, George Lucas directed six films and he also was involved into producing and writing other films such as “Body Heat”, “Labyrinth”, “The Land Before Time” and the “Indiana Jones” movie sequences. He is the owner of the company “Lucasfilm, Ltd” and owns also its subdivisions THX, Skywalker Sound, Industrial Light and Magic and LucasArts.

His involvement into film making was appreciated and evaluated in 2005, when George Lucas got an award of the Lifetime Achievements from the American Film Institute. In 2012 October, George Lucas reported that he is selling his company “Lucasfilm, Ltd” to “Disney” for 4 billion dollars. The important fact is that he was the owner of the whole company, which means that all 4 billion dollars went only to him and this is sometimes a very debatable point when taking into consideration real George Lucas net worth.


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