George Lopez net worth

George Lopez net worth

Net Worth: $50 million

About George Lopez

George Lopez net worth has been claimed to reach 50 million dollars. His net worth comes from quite a lot of sources. George Lopez is known as an actor, presenter, comedian, DJ, screenwriter and television producer. Born in 1961, George Lopez is of Mexican and American descents. To the public, the star is mostly recognized because of his own TV show called “George Lopez” which is aired on the ABC channel. Moreover, George Lopez produces the show himself. The show brings a lot of money to the total amount of George Lopez net worth. As mentioned previously, George Lopez is also a very well-known stand-up comedian. His comedy shows usually include the differences between races and ethnic problems, which also means that he is talking about Mexicans in the American society during his shows.

Stand-up comedy performances of the star are really successful and they add a lot of incomes to the overall amount of George Lopez net worth. Moreover, some viewers might remember him when he was the host of his own TV show called “Lopez Tonight” which was broadcasted on the TBS channel. However, the show ended in 2011. Born in California, George Lopez was raised by his grandparents. In 1999, the star got involved into hosting radio show which was being aired on Clear Channel Communications based in Los Angeles.

Because of it, George Lopez became the first Latin man to host a huge radio show in the United States on the English-spoken radio channel. In 2000, George Lopez met Sandra Bullock and together they introduced a Hispanic TV show which portrayed true life of Hispanic people in the American society. Because there were a lot of complaints from Latin origin people about the fact that not many Latin people appear in their own shows, the ABC channel liked the idea and started auditioning Hispanic people to act in the TV series.

Thus, in 2002 George Lopez became one of not so many Hispanics who appeared in Hispanic television sitcoms. The ones who have done it previously include John Leguizamo, Freddie Prinze and Desi Arnaz. George Lopez show of the same title as his name was one of the shows where Hispanic people were portrayed by actors of the Latin origin. The show was produced, co-written and co-created by George Lopez himself which increased the total amount of George Lopez net worth a lot. Thus, he is considered to be one of the people who introduced the phenomena of Spanish people appearing in the TV series about themselves.


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