George Foreman net worth

George Foreman net worth

Net Worth: $250 million

About George Foreman

George Foreman net worth has been announced to reach 250 million dollars. Known to the public as a champion of boxing, it is very surprising and difficult to realize that only a small part of it comes actually from his career as a boxer. Even when the champion reached a lot in boxing, his net worth was still very low. It can be proved by the data announced which stated that George Foreman net worth was 5 million dollars after the boxer won 76 fights out of 81. George Foreman first defeat was to Muhammad Ali which happened in the event “Rumble in the Jungle” in 1974.

The battle was an epic one. The documentary called “When We Were Kings” was based on the fight between George Foreman and Muhammad Ali and it also won an Oscar award. Today, George Foreman is also known as a TV star. To the younger public, he is mostly known not as a boxer, but as a TV person who appears in the commercials of Meineke mufflers and the George Foreman Fat Reducing Grilling Machine.

Furthermore, George Foreman stars in the TV reality show entitled “Family Foreman”. Thus, a huge amount of George Foreman net worth comes from his appearances on the TV screen. Talking more about his career as a boxer, the star was a Champion of World Heavyweight Boxing two times and he has won a Gold medal. In addition to his boxing career, George Foreman is also getting involved into entrepreneurial activities and politics. In 1987, when George Foreman got a hold of his net worth which at that time reached 5 million dollars, the star without any previous experience in dealing with such amounts of money spent it on extravagant things and unsuccessful investments.

At that point, George Foreman was even on the verge of getting involved into bankruptcy. Scared of becoming homeless, the star decided to participate in boxing again and made a very great comeback in 1990. After that, George Foreman became a commentator of the boxing fights which were broadcasted on the HBO channel. Talking about George Foreman net worth, as mentioned previously only a small amount of it comes from his career as a boxer. On the other hand, 150 million dollars of it comes from the sales of Foreman Grill, which is loved all across the United States. 60 million grills have been sold and the number is still increasing, which implies that the net worth of George Foreman is going to increase due to the sales of the grill.


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