George Bush net worth

George Bush net worth

Net Worth: $26 million

About George Bush

One of the most famous presidents of the United States George Bush net worth has been announced to reach 26 million dollars. To the public, George Bush is known as a former Texas governor and the president of the United States. Giving some basic information about him, George Bush was born in New Haven, Connecticut to parents George H.W. and Barbara Bush. Later he moved to live to Houston, Texas and also enrolled in the Phillips Academy based in Massachusetts. Moreover, George Bush also achieved Bachelor of Arts degree in the Yale University.

George Bush has also joined the Texas Air National Guard, thus he has been involved in the politics from quite a young age. From Harvard Business School George Bush got his MBA and in 1978 he decided to run for the House of Representatives. However, he lost it. If he had won it, it for sure would have added huge sums of money to the overall George Bush net worth. Throughout the years of 1980s, George Bush got involved into development into several oil companies. These were known as Bush Exploration before it merged with Spectrum 7.

The incomes got from the oil company increased George Bush net worth immensely. In 1988, when his father sought for a president’s career, George Bush showed a lot of skills and abilities which are necessary for running for a president while advising his father. Moreover, George Bush bought shares and invested into Texas Rangers baseball team. Later, the former president decided to get involved into politics himself and in 1994 he succeeded into getting a post for Texas governor. After four years in this position, he shocked everybody by becoming the first Texas governor, who was elected for two terms in a row under the amended four-year term extension. When he was governing Texas state, George Bush announced that he is ready to candidate for a president’s seat and in 2000 he actually won the election.

He beat his opponent former vice president named Al Gore. Moreover, Americans liked him so much that in 2004 he was re-elected and beat Massachusetts senator of that time John Kerry. When the end of his president’s role was approaching, he came back to his life in Texas. After his presidency career, George Bush was involved into speaking engagements and writing a book. Furthermore, George Bush established the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, which he started together with Bill Clinton and which brought a lot of money not only to the Haiti people but also to the overall amount of George Bush net worth.


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