Gene Simmons net worth

Gene Simmons net worth

Net Worth: $300 million

About Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons is one of the wealthiest people in the world. Gene Simmons net worth is said to be 300 million dollars. His annual salary reaches 125 thousand dollars for every episode he appears in. Gene Simmons belongs to one of the most successful rock bands in the world “Kiss” and he is the bassist in the group. It also has been thought

that for every “Family Jewels” episode Gene Simmons gets almost 150 thousand dollars. Gene Simmons was born in Israel in 1949.

Gene Simmons moved from Israel with his mother Florence Klein to the New York City when the boy was only 8 years old. Actually, his real name was Chaim Witz and once he moved to the United States, he decided that he wanted to be called with a more Americanized version of his name, which was Eugene Klein. The bassist became involved and interested in music when he saw The Beatles playing on the television show. Probably at that time nobody released that after several years Gene Simmons net worth is going to be almost as high as The Beatles members themselves. Because his mother started to see his interest and true potential in music, she bought him a secondhand guitar.

Gene Simmons enjoyed playing the guitar but decided to play the bass instead because he thought it is going to be easier to get into a band. He joined a band called Lynx when he was still in high school. The band later switched their name to Missing Links. After that, Gene Simmons signed a record contract with the Long Island record label company. After he finished university, Gene Simmons worked as a teacher in Spanish Harlem and even was an editor’s assistant of the magazines “Vogue” and “Glamour”. His first jobs added to the overall amount of Gene Simmons net worth, but not as much as his music career for sure.

It was that time when he was working in “Vogue” and “Glamour”, when he decided to change his name once again and this time he changed it into Gene Simmons in order to honor rock performer Jumpin’ Gene Simmons. His music career escalated when he and one of his friends created a band called “Wicked Lester”, which was signed with the Epic Records label company. From that time he got really successful and created a band now known as “Kiss”. More members joined the group and began their way to fame. Gene Simmons is considered to be one of the best musicians of all time and this is why Gene Simmons net worth is that high.


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