Geddy Lee net worth

Geddy Lee net worth

Net Worth: $28 million

About Geddy Lee

Geddy Lee net worth has been estimated to reach 28 million dollars. A huge part of it comes from singing, record producing, playing bass guitar and keyboard and writing songs. Geddy Lee was born in 1953 and is of Jewish and Polish ethnicities.

Geddy Lee whose full name is Gary Lee Weinrib is mostly known as a Canadian musician from the group “Rush” which is a rock music group. In the group Geddy Lee performed as a bass guitarist, keyboard player and a lead singer. The musician joined the band in 1968 when he got an invitation to become a member of the group from his childhood friend Alex Lifeson because their former bassist and leader of the band left “Rush”. As a guitar player, Geddy Lee won numerous awards and nominations.
Moreover, he was seen as an idol and as an inspirational person to many other rock band guitarists such as Cliff Burton from “Metallica” or Steve Harris from “Iron Maiden”. Thus, playing guitar increased Geddy Lee net worth by a mile. In addition, Geddy Lee has worked as a producer not only for his own band but also for many others including “Rocket Science”. The musician has also started his solo career with the release of his first work in 2000 which was entitled “My Favorite Headache”.
Together with the other members of the “Rush” band, Geddy Lee was selected to be the Officer of the Order of Canada in 1996. This was a high achievement to them because they became the first rock group to get such an honorary recognition. Geddy Lee holds the 13th position in the list of the 100 Greatest Heavy Metal singers of all time.
Geddy Lee’s stage name was thought of by his mother unintentionally, who had an accent pronouncing his real name Gary which always sounded as if she would say ‘Geddy’. Also, his friends at school picked up on it and started to call him ‘Geddy’ all the time. In one interview, Geddy Lee told the story that because his mother was of a Polish descent, she could not pronounce his name correctly and everytime she tried to say it, friends heard it as ‘Geddy’. Soon after, even his mother began to call him ‘Geddy’ and therefore, the musician changed his name from Gary to Geddy.
Also, the musician is known as from Jewish descent and in one of his interviews he was asked to tell his two Jewish features, which Geddy named as his nose and his sense of humor. Apparently the latter one helps in his career a lot because he is loved by his humorous style and it adds to the overall amount of Geddy Lee net worth.

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