Frankie Muniz net worth

Frankie Muniz net worth

Net Worth: $40 million

About Frankie Muniz

Frankie Muniz net worth has been announced to be 40 million dollars, which is quite a huge amount of money. To the public, Frankie Muniz who was born and raised in New Jersey is known as a very successful and talented actor. The star started acting career at a very young age, when he was only eight years old. After appearing on some talent shows, he was spotted by several agents, who noticed his true talent to appear on stage and entertain the audience. After he moved with his mother to live in California, his professional acting career started accumulating.

Firstly, he appeared in some minor TV shows and series. Later, he got a role in “Malcolm in the Middle”, which made him famous not in the United States but elsewhere in the world and appearance in it made Frankie Muniz net worth to increase big time. Frankie Muniz whose real name is Francisco Muniz is of Spanish origin and was born in 1985. In addition to his acting career, he is also known as a musician, producer, writer and a racecar driver. Thus, Frankie Muniz net worth comes from quite a lot of sources. However, the role in the “Malcolm in the Middle” which was aired on the FOX television and which is a family sitcom was the one which made him famous.

Moreover, the role on that sitcom earned Frankie Muniz Emmy Award nomination and even two Golden Globe Award nominations. In 2003, he was regarded to be the most bankable teenager in the United States. In 2008, Frankie Muniz decided to put acting career away for a while and he got involved into competing in racecars. He even competed in the Atlantic Championship. In addition to his acting and racecar careers, he also is a musician. In 2012, Frankie Muniz joined the band called “Kingsfoil”, where he plays as a drummer.

Giving some biographical details, he was born to his parents Denise, who used to be a nurse, and Francisco Muniz III, who was a restaurant manager. His father was from Puerto Rico, and his ancestors were from Asturias, Spain. Frankie Muniz mother is of Italian and Irish descent, thus Frankie Muniz is of mixed origin. His first appearance as an actor was while he was still a kid and he was chosen to appear in a production “A Christmas Carol”, where he played the role of Tiny Tim. His acting career became more intense in the upcoming years and it added millions of dollars to the overall amount of Frankie Muniz net worth.


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