Fergie net worth

Fergie net worth

Net Worth: $30 million

About Fergie

One of the most successful and influential female stars in the entertainment industry Fergie net worth has been stated to have an estimate of 30 million dollars. Fergie is mostly known as a singer, although she is involved in many other activities. These include her involvement into acting and being fashion designer amongst others.

Born in 1975, the star whose real name is Stacey Ann Ferguson was born in California. When she was a little girl, Fergie attended dancing and acting lessons. Furthermore, she was chosen to voice some characters in the “Peanut” cartoon and also to appear in “Kids Incorporated”. In the latter, Fergie was the member who stayed the longest in the show.

In the beginning of her acting career, Fergie even appeared in the TV series called “Married With Children”, where she portrayed a minor role. In 2005, she planned to come back to her acting career in the movie “The Fog”. Unfortunately, she got involved into the argument and at the last minute could not portray her role. However, acting still is one of the spheres which add some revenues to the overall amount of Fergie net worth.
One of the first involvements into singing was her appearance with the girl band called “Wild Orchid”. Fergie stayed in the group from 1991 till 2001. The other members of the group were two other girls from the cast of “Kids Incorporate” with whom Fergie acted in her early acting career. “Wild Orchid” released two albums, however, Fergie decided to leave it after their record label company refused to cooperate with them in releasing the third one. One of the secret things about her being in the band was her addiction to crystal-meth. The secret was revealed during one of her interviews for the Time Magazine in 2006.

Moreover, her name became known internationally in 2003, when she became one of the members of the group called “The Black Eyed Peas” which is one of the main sources of Fergie net worth. In addition to that, Fergie has even started her career as a solo singer, which also goes quite well and brings more and more dollars to her net worth. She was invited by the singer Will I Am to record a song together with “The Black Eyed Peas” which was called “Shut Up”. The single got immediate success all around the world and Fergie accepted the invitation to stay with the group. As a solo singer, Fergie’s most popular single is considered to be “Big Girls Don’t Cry” which added a lot of incomes to the total amount of Fergie net worth.

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