Fat Joe net worth

Fat Joe net worth

Net Worth: $35 million

About Fat Joe

One of the most favorite and influential people in the rapping world Fat Joe net worth has been announced to reach 35 million dollars. Born in New York, Fat Joe is known not only as a rapper, but also as a very successful actor, which is another career which brings huge sums of money into the overall amount of Fat Joe net worth. In addition to that, Fat Joe is trying to get involved into business and thus becoming a quite successful businessman. Fat Joe is also a CEO at the Terror Squad Entertainment. Most people know him as only a solo artist.

However, the rapper is also a member of the group “D.I.T.C.” and Terror Squad. All in all, Fat Joe has released 10 music albums. One of his hits called “Lean Back” reached number one position in various charts, which was released in 2004. Fat Joe whose real name is Joseph Antonio Cartagena is of Latin origin and was born in 1970. He is also known as Fat Joe da Gangsta and Joey Crack. The first album of the rapper was entitled “Represent” which reached the public in 1993. Two years later, his second album appeared in sales, which was called “Jealous One’s Envy”. Between the years 1998-2006, the rapper released four albums when signed to the Atlantic Records music label company.

All four albums got financial success and increased Fat Joe net worth a lot. These albums were called “Jealous Ones Still Envy”, “Don Cartagena”, “Loyalty” and “All or Nothing”. The release of the latter album, “Al or Nothing”, was scandalous in a way that it was this time when Fat Joe got in an argument with another rapper from New York 50 Cent. It started because of the fact that 50 Cent had some attacking remarks about Fat Joe in his song called “Piggy Bank”. In 2006, Fat Joe got signed with the record label company called “Imperial Records”.

Under that label, the rapper released his album “Me, Myself and I”. The record label “Imperial Records” was the branch of his own company Terror Squad Entertainment. Another successful albums of the rapper include “The Elephant in the Room”, “Jealous Ones Still Envy 2” and “The Darkside Vol. 1”. The sales of the albums went really well, with some of them placing in the Top 20 of Billboard charts and that of course brought a lot of money to the overall amount of Fat Joe net worth.


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