Eva Longoria net worth

Eva Longoria net worth

Net Worth: $35 million

About Eva Longoria

One of the most sought after and the most successful stars in the television and cinema industry Eva Longoria net worth is said to reach 35 million dollars. The actress is mostly known as one of the stars from the TV series called “Desperate Housewives”, which is popular all around the world and which brings millions of dollars to the overall amount of Eva Longoria net worth.

It has been stated that Eva Longoria receives 400 thousand dollars for every episode of “Desperate Housewives”, which makes her one of the best paid actors in the Hollywood circuit. Born in Texas, Eva Longoria is not only an actress, but also a successful model. Before Eva Longoria appeared on the “Desperate Housewives”, she starred in soap opera which was broadcasted from 2001 until 2003 and which was called “The Young and the Restless”. Moreover, she made a lot of appearances in various movies, including “Over Her Dead Body” and “The Sentinel”.

According to Forbes, Eva Longoria’s annual salary and earnings has grown year after year. In 2009, it was stated that her annual earnings were 9 million dollars, whereas in 2010 it grew till 12 million dollars. Moreover, in 2011 it was announced that Eva Longoria’s annual salary reached 13 million dollars, which also implies that in 2012 her annual earnings are going to be higher. Eva Longoria is also known to the public because of her shocking style of dressing, which always shows her curvy body and perfect forms.

Eva Longoria’s acting career shows only an increase in offers of modeling and acting jobs and it seems like the actress is not going to slow down any of these, which also imply the increase in the total amount of Eva Longoria net worth. A huge part of her revenues come from her endorsement deals. Eva Longoria is the face of famous companies such as L’Oreal Paris, LG Fashion Touch and NuVo, which specializes in sparkling liquor. In addition, Eva Longoria is the owner of her restaurant line called “Beso”.

Talking about her family life, Eva Longoria was married to a famous basketball player Tony Parker, but the couple divorced three years later. While growing up, Eva Longoria used to be teased by her other three siblings due to her dark skin complexion. Thus at that time probably none of her siblings released that some years later Eva Longoria net worth is going to be one of the highest amongst all celebrities in Hollywood. Her siblings used to call her “ugly duckling”, however today it is shocking to everybody seeing that Eva Longoria grew into a really beautiful “swan” whose careers in modeling and acting are so successful and which needs a really representative looks.


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