Emma Watson net worth

Emma Watson net worth

Net Worth: $50 million

About Emma Watson

One of the most popular young actors and actresses Emma Watson net worth has been announced to be 50 million dollars. Moreover, her annual salary reaches 15 million dollars, which is a huge amount of money taking into consideration that the actress is really young and talented. Emma Watson whose real name is Emma

Charlotte Duere Watson was born in 1990. Although she was born in France, the actress is British. In fact, Emma Watson was only 6 years old when she decided that she wanted to become an actress for her future career.

Therefore, her parents saw her potential in acting and let her to attend Stagecoach Theater Arts school, where she improved her skills and received instructions in the art of acting. Emma Watson got her first role in a film when she was only 10 years old. Soon after, she was chosen to play one of the leading roles in the hit movie called “Harry Potter”, which brought a lot of revenue in the total Emma Watson net worth. The actress appeared in all parts of the movie together with Daniel Radcliffe who played the role of Harry Potter and Rupert Grint. Emma Watson played a character of Hermione Granger, for which she acted 5 times.

Her appearance in the movies of Harry Potter made her to be recognized all over the world and it added huge sums of money to Emma Watson net worth. Moreover, she received more than one award for acting in the film. In addition to her acting career, Emma Watson has decided to try herself in the business of modeling and she is wishing to become a fashion model. All in all, she has worked for a fashion brand called “Burberry” and also she has been offered modeling jobs from some other fashion brands, so it is though that her modeling career is going to be as successful as her acting career. One of the best sold Harry Potter movies “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” brought 15 million dollars in gross.

Of course, some part of that money went to the pockets of the actors, including Emma Watson and increasing her total net worth. Emma Watson net worth which is 15 million dollars was announced by Sunday Times UK Rich List and it shocked a lot of people because the sum is really high for such a young and relatively new actress in the cinema business. The Harry Potter movies really showed and revealed her true potential in acting and due to her role as Hermione Granger, she was offered more acting jobs.


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