Eminem net worth

Eminem net worth

Net Worth: $120 million

About Eminem

The most popular rapper in the world Eminem net worth has been estimated to reach 120 million dollars, which also makes him one of the best paid rappers in the industry. Eminem whose real birth name is Marshall Mathers III is a rapper whose album selling went multi platinum. In fact, his stage name can be decoded by the phrase “M in M” which stands for his real name, Marshall Mathers.

His young years were spent in Missouri with his mother, however after some time Eminem moved to live to Michigan with his mother. This was when his interest in hip hop got sparked, which today brings millions of dollars to the overall amount of Eminem net worth.
Eminem started performing in rapping battles and also organized his own performances, which made him a popular hip hop artist in the area. However, the rapper quitted attending high school when he was seventeen years old and he got involved with Bassmint Productions. Later the company’s name was changed to Soul Intent.
When he was recording with companies such as FBT Productions and Mashin Duck Records, Eminem was also working as a dishwasher and a cook. However, these jobs were paid with a very low salary, thus he decided that a career as a rapper would bring him more money. Therefore, in 1996 his first album was released under the Under Web Entertainment. The album was called “Infinite”.
Only a year after, his second album was released to the public and it was titled “The Slim Shady EP”. Because of this album, the rapper was noticed by Dr. Dre. Also, the album “The Slim Shady EP” became a huge success and it achieved praise from both critics and the audience. Of course, it also increased Eminem net worth a lot because it was also considered a huge financial success.
Moreover, Eminem achieved Grammy award in the category of the best rap album. In 2000, Eminem released his album called “The Marshall Mathers LP” and in 2002, another album of him was released and it was entitled “The Eminem Show”. Both albums were successful. Moreover, “The Marshall Mathers LP” got a title as the fastest selling hip hop album in the history of music.
Talking about his awards and recognition, Eminem released 12 singles which reached number 1 position worldwide. In addition, he received an Academy Award for the Best Original Song. Eight albums of the singer reached number 1 position on Billboard Album Charts, which also increased Eminem net worth.

eminem net worth eminem net worth

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