Donald Trump net worth

Donald Trump net worth

Net Worth: $60 million

About Donald Trump

One of the wealthiest people in the world Donald Trump net worth has been estimated to reach almost 3 billion dollars. In addition to his net worth, Donald Trump has been said to get 60 million dollars as his yearly salary. A huge part of Donald Trump net worth comes from his involvement into real estate. He is known as the most famous American real estate developer. In addition, Donald Trump is known as an author, socialite and television personality, which also adds extra money to his overall net worth.

He started to get famous in real estate both nationally and internationally in 1960s. Since then, his business empire got really big and expanded a lot. After he graduated from university where he was studying economics, Donald Trump moved to New York, where he helped his father in his real estate company called The Trump Organization. Thus, it is believed that it was Donald Trump’s father who made him interested into real estate business which now brings millions of dollars to the total amount of Donald Trump net worth.
His first success in the field was when Donald Trump successfully transformed the Commodore Hotel, which went bankrupt, to the Grand Hyatt.
Donald Trump owns more properties. He is known as the owner of Trump Tower which has been estimated to have a value of 288 million dollars, and Trump World Tower with an estimate of 290 dollars. Moreover, the real estate developer is known as the owner of various casinos which are established in Trump resorts all across the United States. Furthermore, his name has a license to various properties internationally as well, which brings him around 570 million dollars and which increases Donald Trump net worth a lot.
In addition, Donald Trump has received two Emmy awards because of his performance in the TV show called “The Apprentice”. It has been stated that the business mogul gets paid around 3 million dollars for every of its episode.
In 1977, Donald Trump married Ivana Trump and together they have three children – Ivanka, Eric and Donald, Jr. Unfortunately they divorced in 1992 and one year later Donald Trump married Marla Maples, who gave birth to their daughter named Tiffany. However, they also divorced and in 2004, the business mogul married again. His third wife is Melania Knauss with whom Donald Trump has a child named William Barron Trump.

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