Net Worth: $35 million


It has been announced that the overall amount of Don Cheadle net worth currently is as much as 35 million dollars. However, some other sources have estimated it to be a little bit less than that as they have said that his net worth today reaches 30 million dollars. Don Cheadle has earned his net worth through his career as an actor.

The actor was born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1964. In 1982, he started to study at the California Institute for the Arts in Valencia, California. There, he was studying classic theater. After that, he started to appear in TV shows immediately. The first shows in which he appeared were “L.A. Law“, “Hill Street Blues” and “Fame”. Later, he scored a role in the production called “Picket Fences”. After this appearance, he appeared in a string of films, including “Devil in a Blue Dress”, “Boogie Nights” and ‘Rosewood’. These films not only made his name more well known, but also added up to the overall estimate of Don Cheadle net worth.

Don Cheadle is also known for his strong collaboration with Steven Soderbergh, who is a film director. He appeared in some films of his, such as “Traffic”, “Ocean’s Eleven” and “Out of Sight”. These collaborations proved to be fruitful as they not only made him more popular, but also increased the total size of Don Cheadle net worth.

Other films which made him popular include “Things Behind the Sun”, “Crash”, “The Rat Pack”, “Swordfish”, “Reign Over Me”, “Ocean’s Twelve”, “Ocean’s Thirteen”, “Iron Man 2”, “Iron Man 3”, “Traitor” and “Talk to Me”, in addition to many others. These appearances have also increased the total estimate of Don Cheadle net worth.

In 2004 he appeared in a genocide film called “Hotel Rwanda”, where he got a part of Paul Rusesabagina, who was a hotel manager. His appearance in this film was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor. After the film, Don Cheadle became known for his charitable work, because of which he was also awarded with the BET Humanitarian award of the year. In 2007, he got one more award for his philanthropic efforts, which he got with George Clooney, and it was the Summit Peace Award by the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, which was presented to them in Rome because of their efforts to stop genocide. Thus, in addition to his acting work, Don Cheadle is also known for his charitable work.

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