Dmx net worth

Dmx net worth

Net Worth: $2 million

About Dmx

American actor and rapper Dmx net worth is said to be around 2 million dollars. DMX, who actually is Earl Simmons, was born in New York and was raised there, too. In the 1990s, DMX started to become a very popular rap singer. Because of the tragic deaths of Tupac and Notorious BIG, DMX became the most known and

appreciated rap singer in the United States, which also added sums to Dmx net worth. Sometimes it is even said that he became famous during one night because his path to popularity was really short and he became well known in a really short period of time. DMX has an eccentric outside which is his trade mark – he is covered in tattoos, has a muscular face and body.

His voice is sometimes referred to as barking but in a positive way and this is again like his trade mark because DMX has an obsession with dogs. On the other hand, he is also notorious for various offenses and visits to police office from time to time. He has been given fines for animal abuse, reckless driving, driving without license, possession of drugs and identity falsification. Moreover, in addition to his singing career, he also made some appearances in eight films and released his autobiographical book entitled “E.A.R.L: The Autobiography of DMX” in 2002, which also brought some royalties to Dmx net worth.

Coming back to his musical career, his debut single was called “Party Up (Up in Here)” from his album “… And Then There Was X”. Since 1998, DMX havs been fascinating the audience with his unique rapping style, which reminds so much of dog barking to almost everybody who listens to his records. The most influential singers or rappers to him were Jay Z, Cool L, Busta Rhymes and many others and learning from them, DMX became a very good rapper himself. If we talk a little bit more about his acting career, it is worth mentioning that he starred in movies together with actors such as Jet Li, Vin Diesel, Nicolas Cage and Paul Walker. Furthermore, DMX was selected to act in the movie “Fast and Furious” and also he made an appearance in the film “Cradle 2: To the Grave”. However, his acting career is thought to be not so impressive as his singing.

Thus, it is safe to say that as long as he continues his singing in a mode of barking, Dmx net worth is going to be one of the highest in the circuit of all rappers net worth.


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