Diddy net worth

Diddy net worth

Net Worth: $500 million

About Diddy

One of the most successful rappers in the world Diddy net worth has been announced to be 500 million dollars, which is of course an enormous sum of money. Diddy whose real name is Sean John Combs is also sometimes referred to as P Diddy or Puff Daddy. Most of his revenue comes from his career as a rapper, an actor, a record producer and a

designer of men’s clothing line. Diddy attended Howard University in Washington, D.C. Moreover, Diddy received a reputation of party organizer and promoter while still studying at university and eventually he got an internship at New York’s Uptown Records label company. It set the beginning for the overall Diddy net worth.

He worked for the company so hard, that after few years he got a position as an executive in New York’s Uptown Records. However, the company fired him soon after and Diddy established his own label company entitled Bad Boy Records. Bad Boy Records was his only source for Diddy net worth for some time and it promoted singers such as The Notorious B.I.G, Craig Mack, Carl Thomas, Father M.C. and Faith Evans. As the record label company grew bigger and more known, it became producing huge stars such as Boyz To Men, Usher, Mariah Carey and Aretha Franklin. Talking about his singing career, Diddy’s debut single entitled “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down” reached the top position in the Billboard chart of Hot 100 singles.

Later his debut album was released called “No Way Out”, for which the rapper received Grammy Award in 1998 for the category of Best Rap Album of the Year. In 2001, the rapper changed his old stage name of Puff Daddy to P Diddy. Since then he started mixing between his stage names P Diddy and simply Diddy. In addition to his business and acting careers, Diddy has also appeared in some movies and film productions. His record label company Bad Boy Entertainment also owns a movie production company. In addition to that, two restaurants fall under its ownership and also a men’s clothing line called “Sean John” and “Sean by Sean Combs”.

Also, he contributes to the company of “Ciroc Vodka”. Talking about Diddy’s education, he was a university’s dropout. The university he shortly attended was Howard University. However, it seems that even without high education Diddy is doing really well, with Diddy net worth coming from many different sources at which the star is really talented and has professional skills.


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