Diana Ross net worth

Diana Ross net worth

Net Worth: $160 million

About Diana Ross

One of the biggest legends in the entertainment business Diana Ross net worth has an estimate of 160 million dollars. Most of her net worth comes from her career in both singing and acting. During her career, Diana Ross received a lot of awards and major titles. In addition to her successful careers in singing and acting, Diana Ross is also a very skillful producer. Diana Ross started her career in 1960s when she joined the music group called “The Supremes”. However, in 1970s, Diana Ross decided to become a solo artist and started her incredibly successful career.

Overall, the singer has released 22 music albums. Out of those 22, 17 albums landed in the Billboard Top 40 chart. 4 of her albums reached the Top 10 and one of then hit the number 1 position. Such achievements and sales of her albums added a lot of money to the overall amount of Diana Ross net worth. Talking about the awards Diana Ross has been given, she holds Academy and Grammy award nominations. Moreover, the star has won one Tony award and even 8 American Music awards. Thus, it is obvious that her talent is fully appreciated and evaluated.

One of the most interesting facts about the star is that she did not intend to be neither an actress nor a singer while she was young. Initially, she planned to become a fashion designer and enrolled into Cass Technical High School. When she was fifteen years old, Diana Ross was invited to perform together with the band called “The Primes”, the girl doo-wop band. The band was trying to get a deal from Berry Gordon from the “Motown”, however, unsuccessfully. Berry Gordon thought that the girls were too young for the entertainment industry yet. But the girl band did not give up. Later, they changed the group’s name into “The Supremes”, which laid the ground for the Diana Ross net worth.

Finally, it was signed to the “Motown” record label company. The group was quite a success with 10 singles being released in the United States and also becoming the most influential girl band in the 1960s. Soon, Diana Ross became the leader of the group, which created tension in the group. Therefore, in 1968 Diana Ross decided to leave the group and to become a solo singer. The decision was quite successful taking a look at the Diana Ross net worth.

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