Derrick Rose net worth

Derrick Rose net worth

Net Worth: $30 million

About Derrick Rose

It has been stated that Derrick Rose net worth has an estimate reaching as high as 30 million dollars. In addition, it has been announced that his annual salary reaches almost 19 million dollars. Derrick Rose is known as a basketball player who has been playing for the Chicago Bulls team in the National Basketball Association. Playing for the team brings millions of dollars to the overall amount of Derrick Rose net worth.
Derrick Rose learnt how to play basketball from his three older brothers who used to teach him a lot of basketball tricks. When he was attending high school, Derrick Rose together with his high school basketball team participated in championships and won two of them. In addition, by a lot of scouts he was considered as one of the best point guard prospect. After he graduated, Derrick Rose played for the University of Memphis Tigers.

In 2008 he even participated in the championships with the team. In 2008, he was selected as the first pick by Chicago Bulls team which is the main source of Derrick Rose net worth. During his first year in professional basketball, Derrick Rose started to achieve a lot of accomplishments. He was voted the Rookie of the Year in his first year of professional basketball and in the same year he was accepted to the All-Rookie team. In addition, Derrick Rose is the one who led Chicago Bulls to NBA playoffs year after year.
What is even more important, in 2011 Derrick Rose achieved the NBA Most Valuable Player award. In doing so, Derrick Rose became the first youngest basketball player to achieve such an award. Another basketball player who got this award and also plays in Chicago Bulls is Michael Jordan, thus it was seen as a huge accomplishment to Derrick Rose to get NBA Most Valuable Player award.
Derrick Rose grew up Southern Area of Chicago which was considered to be as one of the most dangerous areas in all Chicago. There is a huge age difference between Derrick Rose and his brothers who are all known basketball players and who taught Derrick Rose how to master a ball in the game. Therefore, basketball playing became the main source of Derrick Rose net worth, as well as his brothers’. Immediately, Derrick Rose’s talent was noticed by a lot of scouts outside Chicago Southern Area, which led his family to move to another place with Derrick Rose where he got more opportunities to excel in basketball.

derrick rose net worth derrick rose net worth

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