Dennis Rodman net worth

Dennis Rodman net worth

Net Worth: $1 million

About Dennis Rodman

One of the most interesting questions has been how high Dennis Rodman net worth is. The answer is quite shocking – it is only one million dollars. Most of his net worth comes from his careers in basketball, writing books and appearing in TV shows and movies. The star was born in New Jersey in 1961. Dennis Rodman whose full name is Dennis Keith Rodman was married to Michelle Moyer but soon after their wedding the couple got divorced. Together the couple has three kids – Alexis, D.J.

and Trinity. Now Dennis Rodman specifies in all careers mentioned above except playing basketball. He is said to be one of the most influential and successful basketball players of all time and playing the game added a lot of revenue to the overall amount of Dennis Rodman net worth. Moreover, he has got his own star in the Hall of Fame, which is quite a huge recognition for a retired basketball player. In 1990s Dennis Rodman played together with one of the most influential basketball stars Michael Jordan for the Chicago Bulls Team in three championships. However, some people would say that he was more notable not because of his skills in the game but because of his eccentric behavior.

The player used to change hair colors on a daily or weekly basis. Nevertheless, he was still hunted by media people, which only added more and more popularity to the star. In 1997, he made his first film appearance in the movie called “Double Team”, which brought a part of revenue to the overall amount of Dennis Rodman net worth. In the movie, he played alongside with such huge stars as Jean Claude Van Damme. In addition, Dennis Rodman wrote a book “Bad As I Want to Be”, which was ranked as the best-selling publication. Giving some biographical details, Dennis Rodman married a well-known actress and model Carmen Electra in 1998.

However, after one year of marriage, the couple separated and went their own ways. After he finished his session in Chicago Bulls, Dennis Rodman joined Los Angeles Lakers and later he was invited to play for the Dallas Mavericks team, which was his last one until he finally decided to retire in 2000. Playing in such famous teams was a very successful time for him and it also added revenue to Dennis Rodman net worth. However, in 2005 he tried to come back to basketball but the trial was quite unsuccessful.


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