David Letterman net worth

David Letterman net worth

Net Worth: $400 million

About David Letterman

The most successful TV host in America David Letterman net worth is said to be over 400 million dollars. In addition to that, it has been announced that his annual salary reaches 50 million dollars. To the public, David Letterman is known as an American comedian and a host of the late night TV show. David Letterman was involved in many

notorious scandals such as having sex with different co-workers of the show. David Letterman had to suffer a month of extortion by a colleague from the CBS channel. At this time, it was believed that David Letterman net worth was put at risk. The secret about his love affairs was revealed to Joe Halderman, a producer of the TV show “45 Hours”.

Joe Halderman thought of a plan to put a blackmail letter into David Letterman limo asking for 2 million dollars in order if he wants not to make his secret public. David Letterman did not pay the money and with the help from Manhattan District Attorney, Joe Halderman was arrested from blackmailing. One of the most interesting facts is that this story did not reach the public through a series of rumors and gossips, but through TV host himself. David Letterman told his position about this scandal on his TV show in a 10 minutes monologue.

His revelation led to David Letterman net worth only to increase. According to CNW, his net worth is around 400 million dollars, which is one of the highest net worth of the all TV hosts in the United States. Most of his incomes come from his production company Worldwide Pants Incorporated, Late Night gig, Everybody Loves Raymond and the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. In 2012, his contract with CBS to air “Letterman’s Late Night Show” was prolonged for two years with a little paycut because of the reduced viewership. However, his net worth did not change and this did not affect his annual salary at all. Most of his money David Letterman likes to spend on buying real estate.

Thus, he is sometimes referred to as a real estate mogul. Some of his real estates ownership includes 108-acre real estate in Westchester County, New York. In addition to that, David Letterman owns 2.700 acre ranch near Chateau, Montana. Moreover, David Letterman is a co-owner of Rahal Letterman Racing, which is an Indy Racing League Team. Thus, it appears that most of the David Letterman net worth is spent on buying new and luxurious real estates.

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