David Guetta net worth

David Guetta net worth

Net Worth: $25 million

About David Guetta

One of the most popular and successful DJs of today David Guetta net worth has been said to reach 25 million dollars. To the public, he is known not only as a professional DJ, but also as a very successful music producer. David Guetta who was born in France has received numerous awards in the category of the Best DJ. In addition to that, he has won 2 Grammy Awards in the category of the Best Music Producer. Of course, such high recognition adds sums of money to the overall amount of David Guetta net worth.

Talking about his solo career as a musician and DJ, he has released four albums up to date. Moreover, he has produced a lot of famous and influential today’s artists such as Rihanna, Kylie Minogue, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and many more. David Guetta was born in 1967 and specifies in making and creating house music. He started his career as a DJ in various night clubs, where he played in 1980s and 1990s. The first appearances playing music set the base for David Guetta net worth. Moreover, the DJ co-founded his own music production company entitled “Gum Productions”. In 2002, he released his first album which he called “Just a Little Bit More Love”. In 2004 and 2007, his subsequent albums were released.

The first one was called “Guetta Blaster” and the latter got the title “Pop Life”. However, the most successful album of his was released in 2009 and was entitled “One Love”. Millions of copies have been sold of this album. It included DJ’s major hits such as “When Love Takes Over” featuring Kelly Rowland, another famous musician. In addition to it, hits such as “Getting Over You” featuring Chris Willis, Fergie and LMFAO and “Sexy Chick” featuring Akon were included in “One Love” album. The single “Sexy Chick” hit the top 5 in charts of the United States and all previously mentioned singles reached number one position in the charts in the United Kingdom.

Moreover, another single called “Memories” featuring Kid Cudi became a top five hit not only in the United States but also everywhere in the world. Such huge recognition and popularity of his music adds more and more amounts of money to the total David Guetta net worth. In addition, the DJ has sold 15 million singles and more than three million copies of his albums globally. In 2011, David Guetta got another major recognition. He was voted as number 1 DJ in the fan poll “DJ Mag Top 100 DJs”.


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