Dave Matthews net worth

Dave Matthews net worth

Net Worth: $250 million

About Dave Matthews

Dave Matthews net worth has been announced to have an estimate of 250 million dollars which makes him one of the best paid and most successful jazz music player. To the public, Dave Matthews is known as a singer and guitar player in his band called Dave Matthews Band. Dave Matthews was born in South Africa in 1967. However, the musician did not live long in Africa and moved to the United States, where he settled in New York. The only time he came back to South Africa was after his father died in 1980. Later, Dave Matthews moved to live to Virginia with his mother.

In Virginia, the musician started taking acting and singing lessons. For the very first time he picked up his guitar and started playing it and liked it very much. Today he is known as one of the best performing guitar players and of course it adds huge amounts of money to the overall Dave Matthews net worth. In Virginia, he also met other members of his band who encouraged Dave Matthews to form a band which would play jazz music. Thus, in 1991 Dave Matthews Band was created. Their first album was called “Remember Two Things” released in 1993 under the Bama Rags record label.

The album was a success and it increased Dave Matthews net worth quite a lot. The album received a gold certification from the RIAA. Moreover, it got immense popularity which led the group to be signed with RCA record label. Their major album entitled “Under the Table and Dreaming” was released in 1994. It also got a platinum certification by the RIAA even four times.

In addition, Dave Matthews has released seven music albums. Twelve albums have been recorded live with Dave Matthews Band. In 2004, Dave Matthews received a Grammy award for his single “Gravedigger”. In addition to his career in music industry, Dave Matthews is also known as an actor. Dave Matthews whose full name is David John Matthews acted in many productions including “The Other Side”, “Lake City” and “Just Go With It”. However, still the more revenue he gets from the work of Dave Matthews Band. The band sold most tickets and earned more money than any other music group in North America between the years 2000-2010. Therefore, his involvement in the group adds huge sums of money to the overall amount of Dave Matthews net worth.


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