Danny Trejo net worth

Danny Trejo net worth

Net Worth: $8 million

About Danny Trejo

Born in 1944, Danny Trejo net worth has been estimated to reach 8 million dollars. Most of his net worth comes from his activities in cinema business, which involves being an actor and also film producing. The actor has played many roles in Hollywood films. His portrayals are mostly bad guys, villains and anti-heros, thus he is usually associated with villain roles and usually gets offers to portray roles of anti-heros.
Born in California, Danny Trejo is of Latin origin. One of the most interesting things is related to a filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, who is his second cousin. However, they did not know each other in person and did not realize that they are related before they met on the set of the filming the movie called “Desperado”, which brought millions of dollars to the overall amount of Danny Trejo net worth.

When Danny Trejo was growing up, he was involved in many crimes, which were not that serious but the involvement in them led him to get addicted to heroin. Danny Trejo used to commit those crimes in his neighborhood together with his uncle who apparently set him a bad example. In his adolescence, he was arrested quite a few times and had to spend most of his time in police office. When he got involved into crimes, at the same time Danny Trejo got interested into boxing. In fact, he thought of it as being his career for living. However, he stopped pursuing it because he got to be imprisoned for a long time in the Holmesburg Prison. Danny Trejo was charged with committing robbery and getting involved into drug affairs. In addition, Danny Trejo had to spend time in Folsom State Prison. Finally, in 1972, he was released.
Danny Trejo decided to attend recovery meetings and this was the time when he met a guy who was involved in the cinema industry, which now is one of the biggest sources to Danny Trejo net worth. The guy offered Danny Trejo to come to the set where the movie called “Runaway Train” was being filmed. He even got an extra role to act in some scenes which were filmed in prisons. Moreover, some people realized that Danny Trejo could do boxing and they hired him to teach Eric Roberts, who had to perform in a boxing scene. For that, Danny Trejo received 320 dollars for each day. His potential as an actor was realized later, which led him to get major roles in films. Thus, acting is one of the major sources of Danny Trejo net worth.

danny trejo net worth danny trejo net worth danny trejo net worth

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