Daniel Tosh net worth

Daniel Tosh net worth

Net Worth: $5 million

About Daniel Tosh

The question of what Daniel Tosh net worth is has been answered quite recently. It stated that his net worth reaches almost 6.5 million dollars. He is known as an American stand-up comedian and TV show host. Daniel Tosh became popular when he started hosting a video show on the internet produced by the Comedy Central and it was called “Tosh.o.” After the comedian finished his college in the marketing, he decided to tour in different

clubs and to perform as a stand-up comedian. This step in his career was really important because Daniel Tosh net worth beginning came directly from there.

When he was asked in one interview how it felt to be touring as a stand-up comedian, Daniel Tosh compared it with saying “The Groundhog Day”, which is also referred to a movie of the same title. The biggest break in his career was in 2001, when Daniel Tosh appeared in the TV show entitled “The Late Show with David Letterman”. After his appearance on that show, Daniel Tosh got a lot of offers to perform in other popular TV shows such as “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and “Comedy Central’s Premium Blend”. Coming back to his own show called “Tosh.o”, it started to be aired on the internet in 2009 and soon became a hit worldwide with a high number of views.

The show increased Daniel Tosh net worth a lot and for some time it was his main source of incomes. In addition to his network show, Daniel Tosh is also a regular star guest on the TV show “The Bob and Tom Show”. Moreover, the comedian is still touring around the United States for sold out shows. Also, on one of his own shows, Daniel Tosh mentioned that he is a fan of the net worth web sites, which can lead to assumptions that he is interested in how much other celebrities earn. However, Daniel Tosh has nothing to worry about since his net worth is also one of the highest amongst many other stand-up comedians in the United States.

Talking about his youth life, Daniel Tosh used to sell “CutCo” knives to next door people in order to save his own money. Thus, it can be assumed that he also has some skills of business in addition to his acting abilities. Also, the first comedian whom Daniel Tosh saw performing was Carrot Top and probably it was his act which inspired Daniel Tosh to choose the career of comedian. Apparently, his decision was successful since it have brought millions of dollars to Daniel Tosh net worth.


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