Daniel Negreanu net worth

Daniel Negreanu net worth

Net Worth: $12 million

About Daniel Negreanu

Born in 1974, one of the most prominent people in the poker society Daniel Negreanu net worth has been claimed to reach 12 million dollars, which also makes him one of the richest people amongst other poker players. Daniel Negreanu is of Romanian origin but resided in Canada most of his life. He has been winning quite a lot since he started playing poker. He won four bracelets of World Series of Poker. In addition, he was the winner of World Poker Tour Championship two times, which increased Daniel Negreanu net worth a lot. Currently, he has been stated to be in the 2nd position of the list of the all-time career earnings.

Moreover, Daniel Negreanu is known as the TV star, which appears in the TV show called “Million Dollar Challenge” which features poker games. Also, the poker player is known as one of the players in the Pokerstars.net Big Game.
Born in Ontario, Daniel Negreanu’s parents lived in Romania and moved to Canada to escape from Soviet Oppression and to start a new life there. At a very early age, Daniel Negreanu had high ambitions and he remembered that once he told his mother that he is going to be rich and live in a house in California when he will become a grown-up. However, when he studied in high school, his parents got a lot of complaints from the principal of the school that Daniel Negreanu had very bad manners and did not obey the rules of the school.
When he became 15 years old, Daniel Negreanu got interested into playing poker and learnt how to do it professionally. At the age of 16, he started spending most of his time in pool halls, card playing clubs and hustling. He quitted school right before graduation and paid all of his attention to poker playing. He usually played in casinos such as Casino Country and Fundtime Games. In addition, Daniel Negreanu got involved into playing illegal games all around the city where he was living.
When he was playing in Toronto, he started dating Evelyn Ng, who also became a quite successful poker player. When Daniel Negreanu became 22 years old, he decided to move to Las Vegas to seek for his dream career – to become a professional poker player, which today brings millions of dollars to the total amount of Daniel Negreanu net worth. Currently, he lives in Nevada. Moreover, he is known as a blogger. Daniel Negreanu is a user of Full Contact Poker, where he expresses his thoughts about life, things in general and also poker.

daniel negreanu net worth daniel negreanu net worth

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