Dale Earnhardt Jr net worth

Dale Earnhardt Jr net worth

Net Worth: $300 million

About Dale Earnhardt Jr

One of the most successful NASCAR drivers from the United States Dale Earnhardt Jr net worth has been announced to have an estimate of 300 million dollars, which also makes him one of the richest drivers of NASCAR. In addition, it has been announced that Dale Earnhardt Jr yearly salary reaches 26 million dollars, which also increases the overall amount of Dale Earnhardt Jr net worth.

Almost all of his annual salary, which constitutes 22 million dollars, comes from his various endorsement deals. Also, the NASCAR driver is known as the son of the great Dale Earnhardt Sr, who ended his life in 2001. Talking about his son career, Dale Earnhardt Jr is known as the driver of Chevrolet Impala SS with a number 88 for the Hendricks Sports. Moreover, when he participates in the Nationwide Series racing for JR Motorsports group, he drives a car which has a 5 number attributed to it. In 1988, Dale Earnhardt Jr started his career and participated in his first NASCAR race.

In 2000, the racer won his first race on DirecTV 500, which added millions of dollars to the total amount of Dale Earnhardt Jr net worth. Furthermore, in 1998 Dale Earnhardt Jr was the winner of the Nationwide Series races at the Coca Cola 300. Talking about his achievements during all his career, Dale Earnhardt Jr has become a winner of 18 races. Moreover, he earned Pole position eight times and finished races in the Top 10 142 times, which shows that the sportsman is really talented and knows his art very well.

Between the years 2003-2009, Dale Earnhardt Jr was given the title of the Most Popular Driver in the NASCAR racing. It is no surprise that he is so skillful in racing, since racing has been in his family’s blood for three generations. The racer whose full name is Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr was born in 1974 and is also known not only because of his father, but because of his grandfathers too. One of them was a Ralph Earnhardt who also participated in racing in NASCAR and another one was Robert Gee who was known as a stock car fabricator. Dale Earnhardt Jr was born in North Carolina, where he was also raised. After finishing high school, the NASCAR driver enrolled into college and got an automotive degree for two years. Thus, from the very beginning, the driver knew that his future would be related to NASCAR driving and races, which now brings million of dollars to the Dale Earnhardt net worth.


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