Cristiano Ronaldo net worth

Cristiano Ronaldo net worth

Net Worth: $130 million

About Cristiano Ronaldo

One of the most popular football stars Cristiano Ronaldo net worth has been announced to be 130 million dollars. In addition, his yearly salary reaches almost 40 million dollars. Cristiano Ronaldo is a football player from Portugal and he is the leader of the Portuguese national football team. The football player was born in

Funchel Madeira, Portugal, in 1985. Talking about his relatives and family, his father is a gardener named Jose Dinis Aveiro and his mother is a cook named Maria Dolores dos Sanots Aveiro.

Cristiano Ronaldo got his second name because his father really liked the actor Ronald Reagan, so he decided to give his son the same name. Also, the football star has 3 other siblings. Cristiano Ronaldo started to play football when he was only 8 years old. In 1995, he signed a contract with Nacional. He played really hard while being in Nacional and he was the one who took the team to many championships, which also added amounts of money to Cristiano Ronaldo net worth. After that, he got a three day trial at Sporting Club de Portugal.

The club was happy with his playing and offered him to sign the contract. His debut was the one which made him known worldwide and which made him to be recognized everywhere he goes. During his debut game, Cristiano Ronaldo scored not one, but two goals. However, when he was 15 years old, he was diagnosed with racing heart which was a danger for him to stop playing football forever. But the surgery went really well and he was able to play again. In 2003 during summer matches, Cristiano Ronald was noticed by the manager of Manchester United, who became really impressed with the young football player’s skills and abilities to master the game.

The contract with Manchester United would mean that Cristiano Ronaldo net worth is going to grow more and more. Cristiano Ronaldo became the first Portuguese football player, who became signed with the Manchester United team. He signed the contract for the season of 2002-2003 for 12.24 million dollars. Although the team at first decided to put him in games only in the end of the matches when the victory was guaranteed, he showed his true potential and later was involved into matches from the beginning of it. Cristiano Ronaldo participated in many Euro Cups and championships on behalf of the Manchester Untied and the Portuguese national football team and brought a lot of success and winnings for both teams, which led to Cristiano Ronaldo net worth to increase a lot in a little amount of time.


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