Craig Newmark net worth

Craig Newmark net worth

Net Worth: $400 million

About Craig Newmark

One of the most successful entrepreneurs of today Craig Newmark net worth has been estimated to reach 400 million dollars, which makes him one of the multimillionaires in the business industry. Born in 1952, Craig Newmark is mostly known as a businessperson and also as a writer. The entrepreneur whose full name is Craig Alexander Newmark is involved into creating internet websites. He was the one who founded the internet website called “Craigslist”, which is based in San Francisco. The website is an international one and it brings millions of dollars to the overall amount of Craig Newmark net worth.

Born in New Jersey, Craig Newmark attended Morristown High School, from which he graduated in 1971. When he finished high school, Craig Newmark enrolled into Case Western Reserve University. In 1975, he got his Bachelor of Science degree and in 1977, he received a Master of Science degree. To the public, he is also known as the one who stands up for the Internet being free. He even donated 10 thousand dollars to “”, which is known as a non-profit group which aims at producing investigated stories on the internet.
Talking more about his own website “Craigslist”, he is in charge with dealing with people who sent spams and scams. His initial aim to create the website was to create a network that was not commercial and where advertisements and discussion boards would be created. The beginning of the “Craigslist” was in 1995 when he made the network as an e-mail exchange service, which brought first sums to Craig Newmark net worth. Today, the website works in 55 countries and in 550 cities. Moreover, it reaches around 35 million visitors every month.
He is also known as a member of various organizations. Craig Newmark is the member of the Wikimedia advisory board. In addition, he is active in the New America Foundation Leadership Council and also Sunlight Foundation. In 2012, Internet Society inducted him in the Internet Hall of Fame, which was a great achievement for the entrepreneur.
Craig Newmark’s yearly salary has been not proven yet but people gossip that it can be as high as 5 million dollars per year. In 2008, Craig Newmark was named as one of the most influential people on the internet by the BusinessWeek. Thus, his business in internet has grown a lot and today is one of the most popular services on the internet, which brings a lot of money to the overall amount of Craig Newmark net worth.

craig newmark net worth craig newmark net worth

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