Christina Aguilera net worth

Christina Aguilera net worth

Net Worth: $90 million

About Christina Aguilera

One of the most successful pop stars of all time Christina Aguilera net worth is said to be around 90 million dollars. Moreover, it has been announced that the pop star gets 10 million dollars salary each year. Christina Aguilera is one of the most successful musicians from the United States, who released four albums and won five Grammy awards

for her career.

The singer is known to the public because of her powerful voice which brings millions to her money account and because of her provocative style. Moreover, she was recognized as one of the most influential singers of the year 2000. Now the salary of 10 million dollars she mainly earns as a host of the TV show “The Voice”, which is aired on the NBC channel, which also adds to the total amount of Christina Aguilera net worth. The singer grew up in two places, that being New York and Pennsylvania. She started her singing career when she was still a kid and she appeared on the TV show on Disney channel “The Mickey Mouse Club” together with such major stars as Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. The big break for her was when in 1998 she was chosen to perform a theme song of the movie Mulan called “Reflection”.

At the same year, Christina Aguilera was recognized and she signed with the record label company called “RCA Records”. She released her first album in 1999 under the title of her own name and the album gained a lot of success in both Canada and the Untied States. Moreover, 17 million copies of the album were sold worldwide which added to Christina Aguilera net worth. The album also won a Grammy Award for Christina Aguilera winning the category of the Best New Artist. Other two following albums of her called “Stripped” and “Back to Basics” showed a more matured side of Christina Aguilera and were also recognized around the world. From the album “Stripped”, two singles were released – “Dirty” and “Beautiful” – which sold over 4.2 million copies.

Talking about her album “Back to Basics”, it hit the number one position in Billboard charts and topped other music lists in over 14 countries worldwide. In 2005, the singer married music executive Jordan Bratman with whom she got her baby boy Max Liron Bratman in 2008. Moreover, her baby’s pictures were published in the “People” magazine for 1.5 million dollars, which also added to the whooping sum of Christina Aguilera net worth.


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