Christian Slater net worth

Christian Slater net worth

Net Worth: $20 million

About Christian Slater

It has been stated that the total estimate of Christian Slater net worth is as high as 20 million dollars. However, there are also some other sources which have stated that his net worth is higher than that today as it reaches 40 million dollars. Christian Slater is known for his career as an actor.

He was born in New York City in 1969. He was born into a family which has been involved into acting for ages. His mother is a casting agent, whereas his father has appeared in various soap operas. When he was only 7 years old, Christian Slater started to work as an actor and at that time he appeared in the soap opera called “The Edge of Night”. In the beginning of the 80s, Christian Slater started to appear in Broadway productions.

In 1985, Christian Slater became known in Hollywood when he appeared in the production called “The Legend of Billie Jean”, where he got the role of Binx Davey. Before he appeared in this film, Christian Slater had little experience in films as before that he got only a small part in the film called “The Postman Always Rings Twice”. In 1987, Christian Slater moved to Los Angeles. There, he had intentions to continue his career as an actor. Thus, he dropped of high school in order to pursue his dreams of acting, which eventually became the main source of Christian Slater net worth.

In 1988 he got a starring role in “Heathers”. Soon, he was nicknamed as Hollywood’s bad boy. However, he started to face many legal troubles at about the same time. Christian Slater has also been known for his relationships with well known women in the industry, such as Christina Applegate, Winona Ryder, Samantha Mathis and some others. At one time he was also engaged to Nina Huang, who is an actress and model, however, their marriage never happened.

In the 90s, Christian Slater continued to appear in high grossing movies, such as “Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles”, “Hard Rain”, “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” and “Broken Arrow”. Thus, these films have also added up to the total size of Christian Slater net worth. He had also a role in the well known film called “True Romance”. Starting in 2000, Christian Slater focused on his work not only in films, but also in TV productions. Such appearances include “Mind Games” and “Breaking In”.

christian slater net worth christian slater net worth christian slater net worth

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