Chris Rock net worth

Chris Rock net worth

Net Worth: $70 million

About Chris Rock

It has been announced that Chris Rock net worth reaches 70 million dollars. To the public, Chris Rock is known as an American actor, comedian and a screenwriter with a really huge net worth. Although Chris Rock was born in South Carolina, later he had to move to New York. His career started in one of the most known clubs in New York called “Catch a Rising Star”. He used to be involved into stand-up performances before he got to be known

worldwide. In 1990, Chris Rock was invited to join “Saturday Night Live” TV show, which set the base for Chris Rock net worth.

Moreover, in 1991 Chris Rock released his first comic album entitled “Born Suspect”. In 1993 he left the cast of “Saturday Night Live” and joined its biggest rival “In Living Color”. Furthermore, in 1994 Chris Rock released his first HBO special “Big Ass Jokes”. Moreover, in 1996 another special of his followed which was called “Bring the Pain”. The later TV special earned him two Emmy awards. In addition to that, Chris Rock also received a reputation of one of the best comedians in the whole Untied States, which also increased Chris Rock net worth.

Later he released more comedian albums on HBO. In 2007, Chris Rock was chosen to host the Academy Awards. In addition to his career as a stand-up comic, he was also chosen to act in many different movies such as “Dogma”, “Beverly Hills Ninja” and “The Longest Yard”. Chris Rock was also an executive producer of the TV series entitled “Everybody Hates Chris”, which was a semi-autobiographical story and it won an Emmy Award as well. Talking about his family status, he got married to Malaak Compton-Rock in 1996. The couple has two daughters and the whole family lives in New Jersey. According to the Comedy Central, Chris Rock holds the position of being the fifth greatest comedian of all time.

Moreover, for his comedy specials he won four Emmy awards and for his comedy albums the comedian received three Grammy awards. Thus, Chris Rock whose full name is Christopher Julius Rock III is a well appreciated and evaluated actor and comedian, who can make everybody smile and laugh. His ability to do that increases Chris Rock net worth every year. Sometimes the comedian is even compared to huge stars such as Richard Pryor and George Carlin. Therefore, it seems that Chris Rock is doing his art perfectly and if he continues to do so, his net worth is going to grow even more.


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