Chevy Chase net worth

Chevy Chase net worth

Net Worth: $50 million

About Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase net worth has been claimed to reach 50 million dollars, which makes him one of the richest people amongst all other actors. In addition to his acting career, Chevy Chase net worth also comes from his involvement into screen writing and television producing.

Born in 1943, Chevy Chase whose full name is Cornelius Crane Chase was born in New York and his family was quite well known in the area where they were living. His father was a well known man who worked as a writer for a magazine and book editor while his mother was a recognized pianist. Chevy Chase got his name after his adoptive grandfather who was named Cornelius. The name ‘Chevy’ was thought of by his grandmother. However, Chevy Chase parents got divorced when the boy was only four years old. Unfortunately, they both died in 2005. In one of his interviews, Chevy Chase confessed that when he was only a child, he used to suffer abuse from his mother and his stepfather.
Before he got involved into acting, Chevy Chase took a string of jobs which were not related to acting by any means. Later he moved his interest to acting together with National Lampoon. Soon after, he was chosen to be one of the cast members in the “Saturday Night Live” show and his episodes became one of the favorites in the show. It brought more and more money to the total amount of Chevy Chase net worth.
Chevy Chase is also known as the actor who portrayed roles in various movies such as “Caddyshack”, “Three Amigos” and “Fletch”. Moreover, he even had his own show which ran for quite some time. Also, Chevy Chase hosted the Academy Awards two times, in 1987 and one year later, in 1988. In 2009, the actor started to appear in the TV series called “Community” which is broadcasted on the NBC channel.
When Chevy Chase studied in the college, he played in his college band called “The Leather Canary”. Chevy Chase used to describe the band as ‘a bad jazz group’. Later he became the member of the group “Chameleon Church” where he played keyboard and drums. The group released one album under the label of MGM Records before they decided to separate and go their own ways. Thus, for some time his involvement into various bands was the only incomes to him. However, when he turned to seek for acting career, he got huger sums of money which increased Chevy Chase net worth a lot.

chevy chase net worth chevy chase net worth chevy chase net worth

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