Camron net worth

Camron net worth

Net Worth: $8 million

About Camron

Born in 1976, Camron net worth has been stated to have an estimate of 8 million dollars. Camron who is also known by his another stage name “Killa Cam” or his real name Cameron Giles is recognized as an American rapper who holds quite a lot of Grammy nominations. Moreover, Camron has created his hip hop band called “The Diplomats” which is also known as “The Dipset” and his another group entitled “The U.N.” which stands for ‘us now’. Membership in those groups adds a huge part of money to the overall amount of Camron net worth.

Born in New York, Camron attended Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics. This was the time when he met his friends who became a huge part of his life named Mase and Jim Jones. Although people saw a huge potential in Camron’s playing football, he was not able to get a scholarship for playing it because his grades were quite low.

He quitted attending it and enrolled into college established in Texas without even graduating from the high school. However, Camron soon quitted it also and came back to live to New York. Before starting his career as a rapper, Camron was notorious for selling drugs. In 1990, Camron became serious about rapping and founded a group called “The Children of the Corn” which also included his friends Big L, Mase and Camron’s cousin Bloodshed. However, after the death of Bloodhsed who got involved into a car accident, other members of the group decided to go solo in 1997. When Camron became a solo artist, he was introduced by another rapper Notorious B.I.G. to Lance Un Rivera.

The latter one signed Camron with his record label company called “Untertainment” which belongs to Epic Records. One year after, Camron released his debut album called “Confessions of Fire” which increased Camron net worth a lot. The album included singles such as “3-5-7” and “Horse and Carriage”. The latter single landed in the RnB Top Ten chart. The album “Confessions of Fire” was titled with Gold certification and it hit both pop and RnB charts. In 2000, Camron started collaborating with Tommy Mottola who helped him to release his second album entitled “S.D.E.” which stands for ‘sports, drugs and entertainment’. The album was released under the Epic record label and it also increased the overall amount of Camron net worth. In addition, Camron co-worked with many other artists including Destiny’s Child, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana and many more.


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