Cameron Diaz net worth

Cameron Diaz net worth

Net Worth: $90 million

About Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is an actress known worldwide and to many different generations, thus it is no surprise that Cameron Diaz net worth has been estimated to reach 90 million dollars, which makes her to be one of the wealthiest actresses in Hollywood. Born in California, Cameron Diaz is not only an actress, she is also pursuing for a career as a model. When she was only sixteen years old, Cameron Diaz signed a contract with Elite Model Management, where she started her modeling career and became involved into entertainment industry.

She had been involved into modeling for five years and she modeled for such well known fashion brands as Calvin Klein. Because of her career in fashion, Cameron Diaz had an opportunity to live in many different places such as Japan, Paris and Australia. Modeling career also added a lot of revenue to the total amount of Cameron Diaz net worth. After those five years in modeling, Cameron Diaz decided to pursue a career in acting and although she did not have any experience in it, she still managed to get a role in the film “Mask” where she acted together with Jim Carrey.

The movie was released in 1994 and was a huge hit both in the United States and overseas. Moreover, it also brought a huge increase in the total Cameron Diaz net worth. Moreover, the film grossed around 350 million dollars in total in the box office. Another film which also gained a lot of financial and critical success was “My Best Friend’s Wedding” which got 300 million dollars revenue. In addition to “Mask” and “My Best Friend’s Wedding” Cameron Diaz has appeared in many more popular films such as “Something About Mary” and “Charlie’s Angels”.

For her part in the movie “Something About Mary” the actress received her first ever nomination in the Golden Globe Award ceremony. The film entitled “Being John Malkovich” got a lot of critical praise. The movie “Gangs of New York” where the actress also portrayed a role received an Academy Award and many believed that this was all Cameron Diaz accomplishment. As can be noted, Cameron Diaz started her acting career quite strongly with getting more and more parts in the films directed by very talented and appreciated producers and directors. Moreover, Cameron Diaz voiced the part of Fiona in the second part of the movie Shrek, which grossed almost 920 millions and it also added a lot of money to the total Cameron Diaz net worth.


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