Busta Rhymes net worth

Busta Rhymes net worth

Net Worth: $60 million

About Busta Rhymes

One of the most interesting questions in the rap world has been what the actual amount of Busta Rhymes net worth is. The question was answered recently and it was stated that his net worth reaches 60 million dollars, which is a reasonable amount of money for a rapper like he is. Busta Rhymes whose real name is Trevor Tahiem Smith, Jr., was born and grew up in New York. In addition to his rapping career, Busta Rhymes is also a songwriter,

producer and an actor. Talking about his rapping career more, Busta Rhymes has released eight albums. Seven of them have been ranked as Golden and Platinum, which also added huge sumes of money to the total amount of Busta Rhymes net worth.

In 2011, Busta Rhymes released his ninth album which also was a huge success and the sales of it went really good. Not everything about his career revolves around his net worth. While being involved into rapping career, Busta Rhymes also developed a sense of pride and accomplishment, which is really important in the hip-hop music world. As a rapper, Busta Rhymes is known for his high speed lyrics and music and the use of slant and internal rhyme. These are the things which make him different from the other rapping artists. Busta Rhymes started his career in the rapping group called “A Tribe Called Quest”, which added first sums of money into the overall amount of Busta Rhymes net worth.

One of the songs from the album entitled “The Low End Theory” has a song in it called “Scenario” and it has been evaluated as the best song in the album which makes the audience stand up and go nuts. The reason for that is that Busta Rhymes delivers a climatic verse in that song. However, the tension started to be felt in the group which is said to be because of the growing popularity of Busta Rhymes and the group finally split up on the set of the MTV program called “Yo MTV Raps”.

After the separation from the group, Busta Rhymes continued his career as a solo artist involved in rapping. Moreover, he tried his acting skills in films such as “Strapped” and “Higher Learning”. Since that time, Busta Rhymes produced and released many successful solo albums, including the one called “The Big Bang” which was his first number one album. The sales of it added a huge amount of money to Busta Rhymes net worth.


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