Bruce Willis net worth

Bruce Willis net worth

Net Worth: $150 million

About Bruce Willis

As of the data of 2012, it is said that Bruce Willis net worth is 150 million dollars. Bruce Willis was born in 1955 in Western Germany. Thus, Bruce Willis is of the mixed origin – he is Scottish, English and German. Bruce Willis whose real name is Walter Bruce Willis is married to Emma Heming and has 4 children – Rumer, Scout,

Tallulah Belle and Mabel Ray. Bruce Willis net worth comes mainly from his career in acting, producing and music.

He appeared in many films which grossed very highly in both the Untied States and the entire world. Such movies are “Live Free or Die Hard”, which grossed 25 million dollars, “Hart’s War”, which grossed 22.5 million dollars, “Unbreakable” with 20 million dollars and “The Kid”, which grossed also 20 million dollars. Also, one of the most popular films in which Bruce Willis starred is a thriller and horror movie called “The Sixth Sense”, which got revenue of 14 million dollars from salary, gross and video participators. Thus, Bruce Willis is one of the most beloved and sought after Hollywood actors with a huge fan base.

The actor is known for a constant smirk, wise-assed quips, goofy jest and is soft-hearted. Bruce Willis has appeared in many large scale and small scale movies of different genres but it was not until 1988 when he appeared in the hit movie called “Die Hard”, which also brought huge sums of money into Bruce Willis net worth. After his appearances on that film, he established himself in the industry of films. Bruce Willis was born to a couple who did not participate in the entertainment business. His mother was a bank teller and his father was an American soldier, so his path of pursuing acting in entertainment business was quite shocking to most of his relatives.

Bruce Willis is in the top actor’s list together with actors such as Tom Selleck, Arnold Schwarzenegger Dennis Hopper and John Millius. All these actors together with Bruce Willis are known as one of the few conservatives in Hollywood. Also, Bruce Willis is well known for his political views and people associate him with a huge supporter of Republican Party. However, his political views do not interfere with his acting career, which produces to him huge amounts of money, thus, it seems that people are more interested in his acting than political views and this also explains why Bruce Willis net worth is growing every year.


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