Broke Celebrity net worth

Broke Celebrity net worth

Net Worth: $6 million

About Broke Celebrity

A common belief exists that all celebrities are rich and they own huge celebrity net worth, however not all people know that some celebrities are broke and therefore there is a phenomenon called Broke Celebrity net worth.
It is a well known fact that for starring in movies, appearing on TV shows and magazines celebrities get paid millions of dollars which increase their huge net worth by a mile. However, with such loads of money some celebrities loose their minds and spend it on luxurious things. After purchasing them, these celebrities realize that they wasted all their net worth on things which they really did not need but wanted. Thus, they become attributed to the list of Broke Celebrity net worth.

One of such broke celebrities is a very well known actress Pamela Anderson. In fact, when most of the people hear her name, all they think about is not her acting abilities but her huge breasts. Nevertheless, she is attributed to the list of the Broke Celebrity net worth despite her ability to get huge sums of money because of her amazing looks.
The question arises how such star can get broke. A huge part of her net worth was wasted in her boob job surgeries, partying with elite people and getting on expensive vacations all around the world. Moreover, after wasting her huge net worth, Pamela Anderson has been announced to have unpaid taxes, which now reaches around 500 thousand dollars. Thus, appearing on the TV show called “Dancing with the Stars” should increase her net worth at least a bit and then she would be able to pay at least some part of her taxes.
Another person who got broke due to a lavish lifestyle is the actor Nicolas Cage. It has been rumored that he has a talent to portray simple roles in a way that they become completely awkward. Thus, the same situation has been said about his net worth. Nicolas Cage was announced to have unpaid taxes which reach 6 million dollars.
The actor got broke because of his silly expenses such as paying 300 thousand dollars for unnecessary dinosaur skulls. However, the actor seems to blame his former manager for wasting his own money, however statements about his purchased things prove that it was Nicolas Cage himself who wasted his own money. Thus, he is another star whose name is in the list of the Broke Celebrity net worth.

broke celebrity net worth broke celebrity net worth

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