Brett Wilson net worth

Brett Wilson net worth

Net Worth: $5 billion

About Brett Wilson

One of the many billionaires in the world Brett Wilson net worth has been announced to have an estimate of 1.5 billion dollars. Most of his net worth Brett Wilson accumulated during his successful entrepreneurial career as well as involvement into finance business. Brett Wilson, who is of Canadian origin, is known to the public as a banker, who is involved into investing.

Moreover, he is one of the founders of an investment banking advisory company and also a Canadian Stock Brokerage Firm, which constitutes the bigger part of Brett Wilson net worth. In addition, the investor has appeared on many TV shows. He has made a guest appearance on the TV show called “Dragon’s Den” and later got his own TV show entitled “Risky Business”, which also increases the overall amount of Brett Wilson net worth. Born in 1957, the entrepreneur was awarded with the Honorary Doctor of Laws which was given to him by the Royal Roads University for his successful business leadership, philanthropist and entrepreneurial mentoring. In 2011, Brett Wilson became a member of the Order of Canada, which is a very prestigious organization in the country.

In 2012, during the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee, Brett Wilson was selected to honor the achievements of Canadian people. Before becoming a very successful businessperson, Brett Wilson had experience in working in the oilfields of Canada, where he worked for more than three years. When he graduated from the University of Calgary, he was acknowledged as the first person to graduate in the degree of entrepreneurship in 1985. The first company in which the investor started working was “McLeod Young Weir Limited”. Brett Wilson’s primary firm which is entitled “Prairie Merchant Corporation” is the one from which a lot of investments are being made in the industries of agriculture, energy, real estate as well as sports and entertainment.

In 2010, Brett Wilson got a position of chairman in the company called “Canoe Financial” which aims at providing investors with opportunities to gain profits from Canada’s prominence on the international scale. The company “Canoe Financial” is a private Canadian company which has assets worth around 2 billion dollars. Moreover, Brett Wilson bought 5 percent interest from the Nashville Predators team of the NHL in 2011. Apparently, Brett Wilson is able to manage all his investments and at the same time controls all his firms and companies which bring millions of dollars every year to the total amount of Brett Wilson net worth, which makes him one of the most financially successful investors ever.


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