Brett Favre net worth

Brett Favre net worth

Net Worth: $100 million

About Brett Favre

Brett Favre net worth has an estimate of 100 million dollars. In addition to that, his annual salary has been claimed to reach 24 million dollars. 7 million dollars of his annual salary comes from his many endorsement deals. To the public, he is mostly known as one of the most successful and professional quarterbacks in the NFL. Moreover, Brett Favre is recognized as the face of the “Wrangler Jeans” and also “Sears”. Endorsement deals with such huge companies add millions of dollars to the overall amount of Brett Favre net worth.

In addition, Brett Favre is considered to be the best paid quarterback playing in the NFL of all time. In 1991, Brett Favre was chosen to play for the Atlanta Falcons team. He was the 33rd pick of the team and he signed a contract which lasted for 3 years. It has been stated that the contract was worth around 1.4 million dollars and it also included 450 thousand dollars of bonus.

The career of Brett Favre is really impressive which brought a huge fortune to the total amount of Brett Favre net worth. In 2000, his annual salary was stated to reach 450 thousand dollars and 3.2 million of bonus. However, in 2010, his salary increased and it became as huge as 12 million dollars. Thus, in ten years time Brett Favre reached quite a lot not only regarding his skills in playing but also regarding his salary and net worth. Brett Favre whose full name is Brett Lorenzo Favre has retired from his career as a football player but his net worth is still increasing because of his endorsement deals. Born in 1969, Brett Favre most of his time played in the NFL for the Green Bay Packers.

In addition to playing for Atlanta Falcons and Green Bay Packers, Brett Favre also was playing for New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings. Moreover, the quarterback’s career seems quite splendid with many records he set. For example, Brett Favre is famous for his football achievements such as throwing 70 thousand yards, 500 touchdowns, 6 thousand completions, 10 thousand pass attempts and 300 interceptions. When he retired in 2011, he still got involved into football with coaching other teams. The most important awards he has achieved include Associated Press Most Valuable Player three times and Pro Bowl selection for eleven times. Thus, his professional career in football brought millions of dollars to the overall amount of Brett Favre net worth.

brett favre net worth

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