Bob Marley net worth

Bob Marley net worth

Net Worth: $130 million

About Bob Marley

One of the most popular musicians who are known to quite different generations Bob Marley net worth has been estimated to reach 130 million dollars. Bob Marley is known as a singer, guitarist, songwriter, artist and peace activist. All these involvements of him are the main sources of Bob Marley net worth.
Bob Marley whose real birth name is Robert Nesta Marley was of Jamaican origin. He was best known for his unique style of playing guitar. In addition, Bob Marley had his own band called “Bob Marley and the Wailers” which performed between the years 1963-1981, the band ended its career when Bob Marley passed away. However, the band was one of the most important sources of Bob Marley net worth. The band “Bob Marley and the Walkers” was known for playing ska, reggae and rocksteady music styles.

Bob Marley is credited with being the most popular musician who helped to popularize reggae style music. In addition, the musician helped to spread Jamaican music style all around the world. Moreover, he was the one who also was involved into Rastafari movement’s success in the world. Bob Marley’s music’s main influence was matters happening in his hometown in Jamaica. Bob Marley was interested in his country’s political and cultural matters which is also clear in his lyrics of his songs.
Bob Marley has released quite a lot of successful singles, such as “No Woman, No Cry”, “Three Little Birds”, “One Love”, “I Shot the Sheriff” and “Could You Be Loved”. All songs are known on an international scale and the sales of them increased the total amount of Bob Marley net worth a lot.
In 1984, three years after his death, a compiled album of his most well known songs was released which was called “Legend”. It included his best singles, mainly of reggae style. The album received a lot of success. The album went platinum ten times. In addition, it got a Diamond certification in the United States. 25 million copies of it were sold internationally which increased the overall amount of Bob Marley net worth a lot.
Bob Marley grew up in Jamaica together with his father and his stepmother who was only 18 years old when Bob Marley’s father married her. When the musician was 10 years old, his father died. During all his time, Bob Marley used to question his own identity, knowing the fact that his father was half Jamaican, half English.

bob marley net worth bob marley net worth

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