Bill Rancic net worth

Bill Rancic net worth

Net Worth: $5 million

About Bill Rancic

Bill Rancic net worth has been announced to be 5 million dollars. To the public he is known as a very successful entrepreneur. Moreover, he often appears in many various TV reality shows. Bill Rancic was raised in suburbs near Chicago. After finishing high school, Bill Rancic entered the university and majored in law degree, specifying in criminal justice. Therefore, the entrepreneur at first had intentions to enroll into law school, however he never entered it. Instead, he started his own small business where he was selling cigars and it might be thought that this small business set the base for Bill Rancic net worth. Nevertheless, Bill Rancic graduated from high school with cum laude even if he did not go to law school.

In 2003, he made his first steps into TV reality shows. He was one of the sixteen competitors who wanted to participate in a TV reality show called “The Apprentice”, which was hosted by Donald Trump, a billionaire business magnate. The TV reality show “The Apprentice” was very popular. It aired in 2004 and as the data showed, it got an average of almost 21 million viewers. Bill Rancic was quite successful in the show and he won the ability to see one of the biggest Donald Trump real estate projects.

Moreover, Bill Rancic had a chance to manage one of Donald Trump’s constructions which was Trump Tower Chicago. As the title of the TV reality show “The Apprentice” indicated, Bill Rancic was allowed to manage only a certain part of the project. He was in charge of sales on marketing and Donald Trump was involved into overseeing the project, the activity for which he was in charge since 1999 when the inception of the Trump Tower Chicago started. Nevertheless, during this project, Bill Rancic got a lot of experience in business and it also added to the overall amount of Bill Rancic net worth. Rancic was involved in this project with Donald Trump for one year, however in 2007 the contract was renewed and it allowed Bill Rancic to be involved in it for quite longer. Furthermore, he was chosen to be as a judge in the subsequent “The Apprentice” seasons.

In addition to that, he started being involved in many other TV shows. Bill Rancic started co-hosting one of the most popular TV talk shows called “In The Loop with iVillage”. Later, he hosted another TV show entitled “We Mean Business on A&E”. Thus, his appearances on various TV shows added a lot of revenue to the total amount of Bill Rancic net worth.


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