Bill Murray net worth

Bill Murray net worth

Net Worth: $120 million

About Bill Murray

Bill Murray is considered to be one of the most successful people from his generation which is quite known in Hollywood. Moreover, Bill Murray net worth today has an estimate of 120 million dollars. It is quite unbelievable what this man has achieved taking into consideration that he was born in a very large family who was living in almost poverty. To the public, Bill Murray is mostly known as a very successful actor and comedian.

He got involved into entertainment business while he was still young. He began to study with the Second City improvisational troupe which was established in Chicago. The troupe gave him a lot of valuable lessons, which Bill Murray applied into his later experiences in acting which is now the main source of Bill Murray net worth. Later, the actor moved to live in New York City. It was this time when Bill Murray started appearing in the National Lampoon Radio Show, which gained a lot of listeners from many different parts of the United States.

His appearance on this radio show opened doors for Bill Murray to be selected for the TV show “Saturday Night Live”. He became a member of the show in its second season and it was broadcasted on the NBC channel. The show is still a huge hit in the United States and it brings millions of dollars to the total amount of Bill Murray net worth. Bill Murray has also appeared on the big screen in many films which received national as well as international success. Such films include “Meatballs” and “Caddyshack, Stripes, Ghostbusters”.

The latter movie was a huge hit with reaching almost 230 million dollars in revenue in the United States alone. Moreover, another film which made him gain even more recognition and popularity was “Groundhog Day”. Critics had mainly positive comments about the movie and it also gained a lot of financial success. Talking about his accomplishments and awards, Bill Murray has got many of them. For example, for his part in the movie called “Rushmore”, the actor achieved the Independent Spirit Award. Furthermore, Bill Murray was awarded a Golden Globe award in the category of the Best Actor for the movie “Lost in Translation” which was released in 2003. In fact, almost all films in which Bill Murray has appeared gained a lot of success, both critically and financially, and they also added a lot of revenue to the overall amount of Bill Murray net worth.


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