Bill Clinton net worth

Bill Clinton net worth

Net Worth: $80 million

About Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton net worth is said to be around 80 million dollars. To some people, this amount of money to such a person looks too small, whereas for others it is too big. Bill Clinton was the 42nd president of the United States between the years 1993-2001. Because of his dad’s fast death just after several days after his birth,

Bill Clinton was sent to be raised by his grandparents because his mother was seeking for a nursing education in the university and she needed somebody to take care of a little Bill Clinton.

His grandfathers were the owners of a grocery store in the Southern region. The grocery store was important in that point that it even sold food to the colored people when the tension between whites and colored ones was extremely intensive. Therefore, it is obvious that Bill Clinton was raised with all the necessary values and morals, which came directly through his grandparents. When his mother finished her degree, she married Roger Clinton and the 42nd president got his surname after that. At that time probably no one even realized that the boy would later grow up to be a president and have a huge sum of money into his bank account, which adds to Bill Clinton net worth. When Bill Clinton was a senator in Boys Nation, he had a chance to meet a president of that time John F Kennedy in the White House.

It was that visit which inspired the man to be a president and to seek for a public official’s post. He graduated in Science of Foreign Services and was on his way to be a resident in White House. Firstly, he studied in Georgetown University in Washington, DC. After that, he got a scholarship to enter into Oxford University and when he graduated from it, Bill Clinton started his studies in Yale Law School. In this school, Bill Clinton met his later-to-be-wife Hilary Rodham. In 1980, their first newborn came to the world and she was named Chelsea.

Thus, he was really devoted to his family which might be the reason why he did not get involved into other activities besides public official’s post and thus, to some people Bill Clinton net worth seems so low. His road to president’s post started when he was elected to be the youngest Governor of the United States in 1978. His aim was to improve education and healthcare and this was the time when the public started to show interest in him. Therefore, although Bill Clinton net worth seems relatively low in comparison to other presidents of the United States, he was loved by many and made really great improvements in the country overall.


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