Betty White net worth

Betty White net worth

Net Worth: $18 million

About Betty White

One of the most popular actresses of the older generation Betty White net worth has been announced to be 18 million dollars. Betty White is mostly known as an actress, however she has been involved in other activities as well. Betty White is a comedienne, a TV host and also an author and all these careers of her contribute to the overall Betty White net worth. Born in Illinois, the United States, the actress started her career in 1930s. Moreover, it is obvious to everybody that during her long career she has done everything she pursued.

Betty White is mostly remembered as the star from TV shows such as “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”, “Hot in Cleveland” and also “The Golden Girls”. All her appearances on these TV shows increased Betty White net worth a lot. One of the films which made her an international star and grossed millions of dollars worldwide is “The Proposal”. Also, quite recently the actress appeared in the TV show called “Saturday Night Live” where she was invited to act as a host of it.

Betty White is also known as a very successful author with 6 of her books released and which gained a lot of media publicity. Born in 1922, Betty White whose full name is Betty Marion White Ludden has origins in Greece and Denmark and some people believe that the characteristics of these two ethnicities give the actress karma and charm which is necessary in order to be successful in the entertainment business. Talking about her marital status, Betty White is a single lady with three children named Martha, Sarah and John. Moreover, before she appeared on the TV show called “The Golden Girls”, Betty White was a star in the “Mama’s Family” where she portrayed a role of Ellen Harper.

She acted in the show together with such actors as Vicky Lawrence and Rue McClanahan. However, “Mama’s Family” ended in 1984 because of the decision of the NBC channel to cancel it. But most people would agree that for both younger and older generations Betty White is known and remembered as a star from “Golden Girls”. The show was very popular and, in fact, Betty White is the only ‘golden girl’ still alive. Now, Betty White portrays a role of Elka Ostrovsky in the TV show called “Hot in Cleveland” which is a popular sitcom in the United States. For her role in the show which added a lot of money to Betty White net worth, the actress received even two awards from Screen Actors Guild Award ceremony.


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