Ben Stiller net worth

Ben Stiller net worth

Net Worth: $120 million

About Ben Stiller

One of the most richest actors in Hollywood Ben Stiller net worth is said to be 120 million dollars. Ben Stiller whose full name is Benjamin Edward Stiller is mostly known for his careers as an actor, comedian, film director and writer as well as film producer. He was born in 1965 to his parents who are also well known in the film industry, Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara. Therefore, some people say that he was born to be involved in the cinema business and that’s why he is so successful in it and why Ben Stiller net worth is so high.

Ben Stiller began his career in the cinema field as a writer of the co-called mockumentaries, which were the spoofs of documentaries. Taking into consideration his age, Ben Stiller has achieved a lot. Overall, the actor has appeared, written and directed or produced fifty films, which is quite a huge number for such a young actor. These fifty films received 2.1 billion dollar gross, which is quite shocking. Thus, it can be assumed that each of the films got approximately 76 million dollars and of course it also increased the size of Ben Stiller net worth.

Talking about his winnings, Ben Stiller has won an Emmy award in the category of the Best Writer for a TV Show, which was called “The Ben Stiller Show”. In addition to that, the actor won quite a few MTV Awards and Teen Choice Award as well. Also, Ben Stiller has worked in several theatrical productions. He belongs to the group of young actors called “The Frat Pack”, which is involved into producing theatrical plays.

In addition to Ben Stiller, famous people such as Jack Black, Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughan, Owen Wilson, Luke Wilson and Steve Carell were involved in this group. Nevertheless, most of Ben Stiller net worth comes from television and film productions. One of the most interesting facts about the actor is that he is of three different ethnicities – Russian, Austrian Jewish and Irish. Talking about his family, Ben Stiller is married to Christine Taylor and the married couple has two kids together – Ella and Quinlin. After finished high school, Ben Stiller attended University of California in Los Angeles for quite a while, but later he dropped out in order to pursue his acting career. The biggest break which made the actor known worldwide was the movie called “Reality Bites” which was released in 1994 and which brought a lot of revenue not only to its producers, but also to Ben Stiller net worth.


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