Bear Grylls net worth

Bear Grylls net worth

Net Worth: $6 million

About Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls net worth has been announced to have an estimate of 6 million dollars. He is mostly known as an adventurer, writer, motivational speaker and presenter. Bear Grylls whose real name is Edward Michael Grylls was born in 1974 and is a very popular person in the United Kingdom. There, he is mostly recognized as a Born Survivor. Also, internationally Bear Grylls is known as a writer of TV series called “Man Vs Wild” which increases Bear Grylls net worth by a mile. In 2009, Bear Grylls got a title of Chief Scout. It is worth mentioning that he became the youngest person ever to achieve such title. When he got it, he was 35 years old.

First four years of his life Bear Grylls spent in Northern Ireland and later he moved to Isle of Wight together with his family. Both of Bear Grylls parents were involved into political business. Bear Grylls has an older sister who works as a cardio-tennis coach. She was the one who thought of his nickname ‘bear’. She called her brother like that when Bear Grylls was only a week old.
When he enrolled to study in the Eton College, he started his first adventures. He helped to start the club of mountaineering. He showed an interest in adventures when he was only a child. Bear Grylls learnt how to climb and sail from his father, who owned Royal Yacht Squadron. When he became a teenager, he became interested in more difficult sports and received his first black belt in Shotokan karate. In addition, Bear Grylls learnt how to skydive. Thus, adventure is one of the sources from which he receives millions of dollars and which increase Bear Grylls net worth a lot.
The adventurer is also interested in learning languages and can speak three of them – English, Spanish and French. Bear Grylls was raised upon Christian morals and he described it as a ‘backbone’ of his life. Although his official first name was Edward, he decided to change it to Bear and this is how he is called since then.
In 2000, Bear Grylls married his wife Shara Grylls and together the couple has three sons. When the adventurer graduated from the high school, he got involved into hiking. He hiked in the Himalayan Mountains in Sikkim. However, his adventures were not always successful.
In 1996, Bear Grylls got into the accident when he was freefalling with the parachute in Zambia. He landed on his back and the landing crushed his vertebrae. Other than that, the star seems to be enjoying adventures a lot even with such accidents and this is one of the major sources which bring millions of dollars to Bear Grylls net worth.

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