Barack Obama net worth

Barack Obama net worth

Net Worth: $4 million

About Barack Obama

Barack Obama is by far the most popular man in the world and he is the 44th president of the United States. Barack Obama net worth is fluctuating between 2,801,012 and 11,830,000 dollars, according to his 2012 financial disclosure forms analysis. Barack Obama, whose real name is Barack Hussein

Obama II, is known as getting involved into many charities and a certain part of his assets – 1,4 million dollars – which he got in Nobel Prize he donated to charity and his first home.

Also, sales of his two books add to Barack Obama net worth. Some people think that those books are only well selling just because for his run for the president’s post. His two books are called “Dreams of My Father” and “The Audacity of Hope”. The books were also selling really well during his elections, with 100 thousand copies sold the week after his election. In addition to that, there are some speculations that Barack Obama could even earn tens of millions of dollars if he keeps on giving full speeches every year, which would only heighten Barack Obama net worth. Basically, the president’s yearly salary reaches around 400 thousand dollars.

Moreover, it is important to know that Barack Obama can access 150 thousand dollars expense account and he has a free travel account for 100 thousand dollars. Also, he has 20 thousand dollars in the entertainment fund. All people are aware of the fact that Barack Obama is the first African American who holds such a high position in the United States. Before he became a president, Barack Obama was serving three terms in the Illinois Senate, which also added up Barack Obama net worth.

Barack Obama got his education in Columbia University and also Harvard Law School. While he was studying in the Harvard Law School, he was the president of the Harvard Law Review. After he graduated from the university, he was really involved into law. Barack Obama worked as the attorney of civil rights and also was a teacher of law at the Chicago Law School in the United States. One of the things which gave him more popularity and publicity was his keynote address in 2004.

It happened at the Democratic National Convention in July. After this event, his fame and popularity started to rise. However, it is still thought that Barack Obama net worth is mainly due to the huge sales of his two books mentioned previously because the most income he gets is from the royalties of his books.


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