Angus Young net worth

Angus Young net worth

Net Worth: $140 million

About Angus Young


One of the most popular musicians which is known to every generation Angus Young net worth has been estimated to reach 140 million dollars. He accumulated his net worth from his careers as a guitarist, singer, musician and song writer. Born in 1955, the singer whose full name is Angus McKinnon Young has his origins in both Scottish and Australian. To most of the people, he is known as one of the members of the rock band called AC/DC. He was the one who founded the band and became the lead member of it. AC/DC brought most of the revenues to the total amount of Angus Young net worth.

When Angus Young appeared on stage, his performance was well remembered due to his energetic style, dressing as a school boy and duck walking. According to the Rolling Stones magazine, Angus Young is in the 24th position of the best guitarists of all time. In 2003, the members of AC/DC got their names inscribed into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Angus Young has 6 other siblings and is the youngest child to his parents William and Margaret Young. When he quitted attending school when he was 15 years old, he moved to live to Australia with his parents and three siblings. One of his brothers named Alex stayed in London, where he also pursued a musician’s career and founded his own band called “Grapefruit”. The first instrument that Angus Young started playing was banjos. Later he shifted his interest and began playing the guitar, which his mother bought for him. However, the guitar was only a cheap second-hand instrument and it was an acoustic model of really low quality.
Before Angus Young created AC/DC, he played in another band called “Kantuckee”. In the band, Angus Young played with a guitar. Later the band members decided to stop playing. However, after some time they re-created again and Angus Young was again playing the guitar in the band, which changed its name to “Tantrum”. The band brought first sums of money to the overall amount of Angus Young net worth.
It was in 1973 when Angus Young together with one of his brothers decided to form AC/DC. The band’s first single was called “Can I Sit Next To You Girl” which later was recorded again because the band admitted a new vocalist to join them. Thus, forming AC/DC was a huge part of Angus Young life as well as one of the major incomes to Angus Young net worth.

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